Can I try L4 before committing to membership?

Absolutely, come give us a try!  Choose a workout from our schedule that fits your schedule, or contact the registrar (kathyrice@l4swimming.org) for suggestions of workouts that might fit your needs.  

Do I need to be a member of US Masters Swimming (USMS) to try L4? 

Not for your trial swim, but after that, yes.  If you decide to join L4, you will have to sign up with US Masters Swimming as well (USMS provides our team's insurance, so you're covered while swimming at our workouts). It is super easy to sign up for USMS, in fact, you can sign up through the 'join us' link on this website.

I'm a member of a masters team in another town.  Can I swim with L4 while visiting?  

Yes, you're welcome to workout with us while you're in town.  Just bring your USMS card to a workout, and let the coach know you are visiting.

I usually just swim laps on my own.  I'm not sure I'm fast enough for Masters.  

All of our practices have a wide range of 'speeds,' or times in the pool, and swimmers can always find a lane with swimmers with similar times.  This range of times reflects the goals of our swimmers, many are here for fitness and cameraderie, and many are here to build/maintain their speed/form for competition. No matter where you find yourself on this spectrum, you'll find lane mates of similar abilities, and coaches willing/able to help you streamline your stroke and drop time.  As long as you can swim across a 25-yard pool, you can be a master swimmer.

I'm a former college swimmer, and I'm training for Zones/Nationals.  Do you have a lane for me?

Yes, you'll find swimmers who can swim with you and help you train, and coaches who have the training and experience to coach you towards your goals.  Talk to the registrar and the coaches, we can help you find the specific practice that fits you.  

I'm a triathlete. Is there a place for me?

We have a lot of triathletes, and our coaches are well versed in developing the skills/techniques to help you succeed in open water.  Each season, one of our coaches organizes open water practice events to help you with skills for open water. 

What happened to punch passes?

We have moved away from punch passes, as punch passes were difficult to administer and a significant source of difficulty for our coaches.  Instead of punch passes, we offer the 'Saturday only' and 'Sunday only' membership options.  

Do I have to be a member of Team Z to access the Tuesday/Thursday membership option? 


I only want to swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Can't I get the Tuesday/Thursday membership, also?

Unfortunately, no.  The Tuesday/Thursday membership is limited to Team Z members.  Team Z is a tri-team that partners with L4, joining L4 workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.  It's members are also paying Team Z dues in addition to L4 membership, and Team Z brings a lot of swimmers, coaches, energy and economies of scale to L4.

I'd like to check/change my membership status.  Can you do that for me?

You can access your member profile to check your membership anytime you'd like--just log into Club Assistant through the website.  Similarly, you can change your membership options through the website.  If you'd like to put your membership on hold, email me at kathy@l4swimming.org and I can do that for you. 

Can I expect same day service/24 hour turn around when I order a new pass?

Please don't.  Your everlovin' and devoted registrar is another L4 swimmer who helps out by managing registrations.  I do try to get to swimmer communications promptly, but I ask all swimmers to be patient and allow a few days befor receiving their passes.  

I won't be able to swim for a significant period of time (3+ weeks) due to injury or work travel.  Will L4 prorate my membership to account for this?

Yes.  Let me know (kathy@l4swimming.org) when and why you need to be out of the pool, and the approximate dates, and I'll prorate your costs.