Swim pass options:

Quarterly all pools/workouts pass:  Exactly what it says, you can attend all workouts, at all pools. Cost: $255/quarter.

Tuesday Thursday Team Z pass: This pass is ONLY for Team Z members.  If you are a member of Team Z, you can swim at all workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cost: $155/quarter.

Saturday Only pass:  For once a week swimmers, this pass can be used at all Saturday workouts.   Cost: $145/quarter.

Sunday Only pass:  For once a week swimmers, this pass can be used at Sunday workouts.   Cost: $145/quarter.

Quarterly all pools/workouts pass/Senior rate:  For those 65 and older, we offer a senior rate for our quarterly pass.  Cost: $220/quarter.

Quarterly all pools/workouts pass/Student rate: For full-time students only. Cost: $130/quarter.

Monthly Pass:  Good for a calendar month at all pools, all workouts.  Cost: $90.

L4 is committed to meeting the diverse needs of all our swimmers by offering structured workouts mornings, noon and several evenings that are coached by knowlegeable, engaged coaches who are happy to work with you to help you meet your individual goals, wherever you are on your swim journey.  

We offer a number of memberships to fit your needs and schedule.  If you plan to swim several days a week, the 'all workouts/all pools' pass is your best bet, it allows you to swim anywhere and anytime L4 has a workout.  If you can only swim on the weekend, we offer a 'Saturday only' and/or a 'Sunday only' pass.  If you're a member of Team Z (a team for triathletes that we partner with), you can take advantage of the special rate for Team Z swimmers. We have a senior rate and a monthly pass for people who travel. All of our memberships are described in detail, below.  

Two things to know: first, our quarterly memberships are managed on an auto-pay basis, so you don't have to re-purchase a swim pass every quarter.  If you need more flexibility, you can purchase a monthly pass to fit your changing schedule.  Another factoid to remember is that our quarterly memberships run as follows:  June-Aug, Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, and Mar-May.  These quarters align with the summer months, so swimmers can adjust their memberships easily for summer plans.

To purchase a pass, returning swimmers should log into your account, choose ‘re-register’, and choose which type of pass you'd like to use.  If you are a new member, click ‘join us’ and create a member account, there you'll be able to choose the pass that fits your needs.