Membership Options

Swim pass options:

Quarterly all pools/workouts pass:  Exactly what it says, you can attend all workouts, at all pools. Cost: $255/quarter.

Tuesday Thursday Team Z pass: This pass is for swimmers who are also members of Team Z tri team.  If you are a member of Team Z, you can swim at all workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cost: $155/quarter.

Saturday Only pass:  For once a week swimmers, this pass can be used at all Saturday workouts.   Cost: $145/quarter.

Sunday Only pass:  For once a week swimmers, this pass can be used at Sunday workouts.   Cost: $145/quarter.

Quarterly all pools/workouts pass/Senior rate:  For those 65 and older, we offer a senior rate for our quarterly pass.  Cost: $220/quarter.

Quarterly all pools/workouts pass/Student rate: For full-time students only. Cost: $130/quarter.

Monthly Pass:  Good for a calendar month at all pools, all workouts.  Cost: $90. NOTE! The monthly pass does not auto-renew, you'll have to log in to repurchase for each month you want to swim.  And while we prorate quarterly passes for swimmers joining mid-quarter, we don't prorate monthly passes.

Two things to know: first, our quarterly memberships are managed on an auto-pay basis, so you don't have to re-purchase a swim pass every quarter.  Another factoid to remember is that our quarterly memberships run as follows:  June-Aug, Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, and Mar-May.  These quarters align with the summer months, so swimmers can adjust their memberships easily for summer plans.

If you don't want an auto-renew membership, you can purchase a monthly pass to fit your changing schedule.  

To purchase a quarterly pass, returning swimmers should log into your account, choose ‘re-register’, and choose which type of pass you'd like to use.  If you are a new member, click ‘join us’ and create a member account, there you'll be able to choose the pass that fits your needs.  

To purchase a one time monthly pass, log into your account and click on 'monthly pass' on the bottom of the first page after logging in.