Welcome to Lane 4 Swimming (L4), one of the largest and most diverse adult swim teams in the nation.  We are an all-encompassing Masters team, gladly accepting all ages and abilities.  

Our vision is quite simple: to provide the absolute best pool and open water training opportunities for adult athletes, all at reasonable cost.  We do this by offering convenient workout locations in DC and suburban Virginia, some of which are sure to align with your schedule and home/work locations.  Unique on the East Coast, our athletes can attend workouts at 8 different locations (11 in the summer) at one low cost.  
We encourage prospective new swimmers to try us out for a swim at no cost.  Visiting USMS-registered Masters swimmers may join our workouts at no cost while you are in the general DC area.

Frank Marcinkowski, Head Coach, & Founder


L4 is back up and running with the full fall/winter schedule.  Take a look at our calendar and find a workout that fits your schedule!

There are three upcoming swim meets at American University for which we'll have to cancel practice.  They are:
  • Friday 9/23/22 
  • Saturday 10/1/22
  • Friday 10/28/22
Other than these days, AU is open for business, with practices 6 days a week.  Come by and give AU a try!