Welcome to L4 Swimming!  Here's the latest news:

AU is requiring and issuing entry passes for L4 swimmers. No swimmer will be admitted without one. Email julie@l4swimming.org to coordinate with AU for your pass.

There's an upcoming swim meet at American University for which we'll have to cancel practice.  The date:

  • Friday 10/28/22
Other than these days, AU is open for business, with practices 6 days a week.  Come by and give AU a try!

Welcome to Lane 4 Swimming (L4), one of the largest and most diverse adult swim teams in the nation.  We are an all-encompassing Masters team, gladly accepting all ages and abilities.  

Our vision is quite simple: to provide the absolute best pool and open water training opportunities for adult athletes, all at reasonable cost.  We do this by offering convenient workout locations in DC and suburban Virginia, some of which are sure to align with your schedule and home/work locations.  Unique on the East Coast, our athletes can attend workouts at 8 different locations (11 in the summer) at one low cost.  
We encourage prospective new swimmers to try us out for a swim at no cost.  Visiting USMS-registered Masters swimmers may join our workouts at no cost while you are in the general DC area.

Frank Marcinkowski, Head Coach, & Founder

Welcome to L4 Swimming!  Here's the latest news:
Summer swimming is coming!  Here's a summary of schedule changes (check calendar for specific times)

Old Keene Mill- Please join us for a season kick off on Sunday, May 28.  In addition, we have a special Memorial day practice 7:00-8:30. Potluck to follow!  Bring along your tastiest goodies!

Old Keene Mill starts Sunday May 28, with practices 7 days a week.
Vienna Aquatics Club starts June 6, with Tu/Th/Sun practices
Kenmont Pool will have Tu/Th/Sun practices, starting in Mid June (We have Sun practices starting June 4, and Tues/Thurs start June 20)

In addition, indoor pool practices will be changed.  Check the list below:

American University is open again.  Check the calendar for dates/times

Spring Hill: No indoor practice until September. Join us at VAC

Providence Rec:  Tu/Th mornings until Sept.

Audrey Moore:  Mon, Wed and Saturday mornings, Tu/Th evenings

St. James: no change

Claude Moore: no change

Wilson: still closed

National Senior Games:

The National Senior Games July 13 – July 17 – Pittsburgh, PA. https://nsga.com/swimming/
The Senior Games for swimming are from July 13, a practice day, through the 17th of July   Entries are open. I have signed up as have several L4 Burke swimmers.  If anyone is going and wants to participate in relays, I have been volunteered to see if organizing a couple of relays is possible. 
Members of relay teams need NOT be from the same state.
Coach Fred (Zamon)

Other USMS Events-
  • July 15-16: Colonies Zone Long Course Championships - new Hampton Aquaplex pool in Hampton, VA
  • August 2-6: Long course masters nationals - Sarasota, Florida

Interested in swimming at American University?  AU is requiring and issuing entry passes for L4 swimmers. No swimmer will be admitted without one, so  email julie@l4swimming.org a couple days before you go, she'll coordinate with AU to get  your pass.