Welcome to Lane 4 Swimming (L4), one of the largest and most diverse adult swim teams in the nation.  We are an all-encompassing Masters team, gladly accepting all ages and abilities.  L4 enjoys outstanding lane space and practice facilities in 8 year-round and 3 summer pools across Northern VA, Washington, D.C. and MD that allow us to accommodate such a diverse group of athletes.  And no matter your starting point, from a true beginning swimmer or novice triathlete to a recently graduated Division 1 swimmer, we will guide and assist you in meeting your personal swimming goals.  We offer a wide variety of workouts in the morning, at noon, and during the evening throughout the week.  Many of our swimmers compete in local, regional or national swim meets, many are triathletes, and many are fitness swimmers.  No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you'll find a home in L4.  

Lane 4.  Those in the competitive swimming world will recognize this as the fastest lane in a seeded swim competition.  But lane 4 for our team means much more than fast swimming.  Lane 4 is the place that each of us strive to reach.  For our triathletes, lane 4 is that perfect first leg of the race: conserving energy, swimming efficiently, and strategically positioning for the bike/run.   For our fitness swimmers, lane 4 is an invigorating workout that burns calories while increasing both cardio fitness and muscular development.  For our competitive swimmers, many of our teammates are pretty fast, and we have several lanes in all of our workouts that will challenge you to make lane 4 in your future competitions.  And for injured athletes, hoping to return to a primary sport, lane 4 is the ideal combination of rehabilitation, therapy and physical conditioning.  And though there are no lanes in open water swimming, our distance swimmers who prefer a workout or competition venue without the black tiled line on the bottom can find their own lane 4 in the nearby lakes and rivers where we like to train and race. 

Our vision is quite simple: to provide the absolute best pool and open water training opportunities for adult athletes, all at reasonable cost.  We do this by offering  convenient workout locations in DC and suburban Virginia, some of which are sure to align with your schedule and home/work locations.  Unique on the East Coast, our athletes can attend workouts at 8 different locations (11 in the summer) at one low cost.  Every one of these workouts has a knowledgeable, engaged coach on-deck who fully understands proper stroke technique and coaching the adult swimmer and multi-sport athlete.

To fulfill our vision, we are a coach-run team that has structured ourselves as a not-for-profit.  We work hard.  We train smart.  We practice proper lane etiquette at every workout.  We are a team forthe individual, rather than a team of individuals.

We allow and encourage prospective new swimmers to try us out for a swim at no cost; we are confident you will come back for more and stay with us for the long run.  And for visiting, USMS-registered Masters swimmers, you may join our workouts at no cost while you are in the general DC area, so please drop if your schedule allows!

Come give us a try.  We promise we will guide and assist each and every one of you in finding your own Lane 4.

Frank Marcinkowski, Head Coach, & Founder


Burke Raquette and Swim wants to welcome you!  Between Aug 21 and Aug 31, while other pools have closures for maintenance , BRSC would like to extend a warm welcome to all L4 swimmers. You can try Burke out for no additional charge.  BRSC hosts workouts Sunday mornings, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings (see calendar for details).  Come check Burke out!

Summer Pool Closures! Alas, every summer many of our host pools close for scheduled maintenance.  Here's what we know so far:

American University   closed Aug 4-28
Oak Marr   Aug 20-Sept 9
Audrey Moore   Aug 22-Sept 9
Spring Hill   Aug 27-Sept 9
Providence    No closure
St. James     Aug 29-Sept 2
Burke Swim    Aug 31-Sept 5
Claude Moore   NA. (Check back!)
Wilson    NA

Outdoor Pools:   So far we know:
VAC - last practice Aug 31
Kenmont-last practice Sunday Aug 28

Stay tuned for OKM.

Open Water Opportunities:
The District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC) (www.swimdcac.org) is proud to host the 31st Annual Maryland Swim for Life charity open water swim on Saturday, September 24, 2022.  The event includes 2.5K, 5K, & 7.5K swim options as well as 1.2-Mile & 2.4-Mile swim options.

Maryland Swim for Life is open to USMS registered members, USA Swimming members, and USA Triathlon members. Non-members also have the option to purchase a one-day USAT license for $15 to participate in the event.
Please see registration details here.
Contact swimforlife@swimdcac.org with any questions.