Temporary Pool Closures



Providence is closing from Aug 26 to Sep 10. 

Spring Hill is closing from August 27 to Sep 24.

Oak Marr is closing from Aug 24 - 28.  This will only impact our Mon Aug 27 8-9 pm workout. 

Audrey Moore does not have any planned closures. 

Chinquapin is closing from Sept 3 until Sep 10.  During this time, we will have morning outdoor workouts from 6-730 am on Sept 4-7 and our usual Sunday workout from 4-530 pm on Sept 9 at the Cameron Street Old Town pool. 

Cameron Street Old Town Alexandria - currently, we are holding our Chinquapin M/W/F 1230 - 130 pm workouts and our Sun 4-530 pm workouts outdoors at Cameron Street.  The Sun workouts will remain outdoors at Cameron Street through Sun Sep 9.  Our M/W/F 1230 - 130 pm workouts will come back indoors to Chinquapin starting Mon, Aug 20.  Note when Chinquapin closes from Sep 3 -10, we will not have any 1230-130 pm weekday workouts at Cameron Street.

BRSC is closing Aug 27 until at least Sept 3.  Please check the BRSC website before returning to practice.

Old Keene Mill (OKM) will close for the summer on Sept 10.  We will have a special Labor Day workout, including a later morning start time; stay tuned for details.


Stone Ridge High School will remain closed for the month of August. 

Kenmont Swim and Tennis Club in Kensington has opened for practice through Tues, Sept 4 as follows:  M/W/F - 6-7 am; M/T/Th - 8-915 pm; Sun 1030-Noon. 


American University (AU) is closed Aug 12 - 26. 

Wilson Highschool does not have any programmed closures and practices remain as usual Mon/Wed from 12-1 pm.


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