Lane 4.  Those in the competitive swimming world will recognize this as the fastest lane in a seeded swim competition.  But lane 4 for our team means much more than fast swimming.  Lane 4 is the place that each of us strive to reach.  For our triathletes, lane 4 is that perfect first leg of the race: conserving energy, swimming efficiently, and strategically positioning for the bike/run.   For our fitness swimmers, lane 4 is an invigorating workout that burns calories while increasing both cardio fitness and muscular development.  For our injured athletes, hoping to return to a primary sport, lane 4 is the ideal combination of rehabilitation, therapy and physical conditioning.  And though there are no lanes in open water swimming, our distance swimmers who prefer a workout or competition venue without the black tiled line on the bottom can find their own lane 4 in the nearby lakes and rivers where we like to train and race.  Finally, if you are a competitive swimmer by background or interest, some of our teammates are pretty fast, and we have several lanes in all of our workouts that will challenge you to make lane 4 in your future competitions.

Welcome to Lane 4 Swimming (L4S), one of the largest and most diverse adult swim teams in the nation.  We are an all-encompassing Masters team, gladly accepting all ages and abilities.  L4S enjoys outstanding lane space and practice facilities that allow us to accommodate such a diverse group of athletes.  And no matter your starting point, from a true beginning swimmer or novice triathlete to a recently graduated Division 1 swimmer, we will guide and assist you in meeting your personal swimming goals.   

Our vision is quite simple: to provide the absolute best pool and open water training opportunities for adult athletes, all at reasonable cost.  We do this by offering a dozen convenient workout locations in DC and suburban Virginia and Maryland, some of which are sure to align with your schedule and home/work locations.  Unique on the East Coast, our athletes can attend workouts at 11 different locations at one low cost.  Every one of these workouts has a knowledgeable, engaged coach on-deck who fully understands proper stroke technique and coaching the adult swimmer and multi-sport athlete.

To fulfill our vision, we are a coach-run team that has structured ourselves as a not-for-profit.  We work hard.  We train smart.  We practice proper lane etiquette at every workout.  We are a team for the individual, rather than a team of individuals.

We allow and encourage prospective new swimmers to join us for up to three workouts at no cost; we are confident you will come back for more and stay with us for the long run.  And for visiting, USMS-registered Masters swimmers, you may join our workouts at no cost while you are in the general DC area, so please drop if your schedule allows!

Come give us a try.  We promise we will guide and assist each and every one of you in finding your own Lane 4.

Frank Marcincowski, Head Coach, & Founder